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“At Garrity Tool Company, we are committed to raising the bar. As a full-service, contract machining facility, we strive to meet – or exceed – customer expectations regarding quality standards and customer service. Together, we aim high!”


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Garrity Tool Company is pleased to serve the defense industry, providing precision machine components and assemblies that meet the high standards and sophisticated product specifications of the United States military. With more than 45 CNC machine tools on our Indianapolis campus, we are equipped to respond swiftly to the needs of this highly-technical and fast-moving industry.


Parts and assemblies made for the aerospace industry must reflect the highest level of machining standards. Repeated exposure to stratospheric conditions requires extreme precision and adherence to industry-specific process requirements. Garrity Tool Company works closely with its aerospace partners to achieve these critical benchmarks, and we are proud to make an impact on the world of modern aviation.


Stringent performance requirements are a hallmark of the medical device industry. Garrity Tool Company, with a rich history that spans more than 30 years, has established itself as a trusted partner to leaders throughout the medical industry, consistently creating the intricate and complex parts and assemblies used in equipment that graces operating tables and exam rooms in hospitals and doctor’s offices across the globe.


Garrity Tool Company strives to provide responsive service to a growing list of commercial partners. Over the years, we’ve grown our capabilities and established strict performance guidelines that allow for stellar service across industries. Today, we proudly meet a series of diverse machining needs, thanks to a team of highly-skilled employees and an expansive lineup of modern CNC equipment.


With the ability to meet strict quality requirements of NQA-1 process guidelines, Garrity Tool Company has become a go-to provider of CNC machine services among customers in the nuclear power industry. The industry continually requires access to the latest technology, and we’re pleased to offer an expansive selection of the most innovative equipment on the market today. With competitive pricing and quick turnaround, GTC has become a trusted industry partner.